Do Not Sign A Confession of Judgment

A confession of judgment is a document that some lenders include for loans or cash advances that deprives you of your rights in court. You agree ahead of time to not dispute any claims by the lender. They are then free to take the document to court, make up anything they way and seize your assets.

The state of New York will accept them from anywhere, so even if they aren't legal in your state, you can be ruined by them. The lender can simply file it in New York if it isn't legal in your state.

Read the article for a quick run down of how this works and remember to never sign one for any reason when borrowing money or getting a cash advance:

A debt-collection machine that’s chewing up small businesses across America

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Taxes and Digital Goods and Services in Washington State

I recently set up a landing page for a local not-for-profit organization. About a week later, I began wondering if I should have charged taxes on the invoice for my work.
To Tax or Not To Tax, That is the Question Happily my conclusion is no.

TLDR of my research: As long as I am providing professional services (whether in person or via the internet), such as writing and web design, I don't need to charge taxes to my customers. However, if I were to sell digital goods, such as e-books or photos, I would need to charge taxes for those things.

Below is a quick and dirty compendium of the resources I used to make that determination. Below are select excerpts from a few sites. In some cases, I have added italics for details pertinent to my situation.

The first item had me concerned until I looked up other stuff, listed below it. I'm not a developer -- AKA programmer. I'm a content manager. I can set up a website via a plug-and-play service, like Word Press, but I don'…

Starting with a Service as a Way to Learn to Freelance

I have worked for an online writing service for more than 6 years. This makes me a 1099 MISC contractor, not an employee. It allowed me to figure out how to do things that are worth money while getting paid to develop those skills.

Starting in January of last year, I began doing some client work through other channels. I did about the same amount of paid work through the service last year as the year before, but other channels of income added about a third more to my earned income.

I recently had my first paid client on the ground in meat space (doing website work, not writing per se). If I am able to successfully develop that channel of revenue, I believe it has potential to be better income for me than the things I have been doing.

Working for a service can help you figure out how to produce a product that people will pay for first, without having to also figure out the business details. Once you have figured out how to create work as a freelancer that is worth money, it is much…

Accepting online tips for your web project

People interpret donate buttons as begging rather than as asking for money to support your work. This is not a good message to send and tends to result in a low take. A few years ago, I replaced my PayPal donate buttons with PayPal tip jars and revised the language on my sites to indicate I was looking for compensation for my work, not charity.

Here are the steps to follow in your PayPal account to create a tip jar:
Go to Create payment buttons for your website. (This is increasingly hard to find.)Select Create New Button.Select Add drop-down menu with price/option.Create tip options as you see fit. I like using $1, $3 and $5.Go to Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional).Say Yes to letting people change the quantity. Please note that the names of the menu items have to be unique. If you just put the word tip in every slot, it will cause all payments to default to your top figure, which is just $1.00 in this example. That last step -- allowing people to change the quantity …

Accept credit card payments with your phone

A lot of people no longer carry cash. Even if they do, it may only be a few dollars, in the neighborhood of the cost of lunch for one at a fast food place, not enough to pay fair market price for local crafts goods.

If you don't have the ability to process credit card payments, you are seriously hampering your ability to make a decent income from your work. Although there are dozens of card processing apps out there, relatively few companies have paired an app with a physical card reader. Here is a short list of some of the better options.

One of the big advantages offered by Square is you can get started completely for free. There is no cost to set up an account with them and they will mail you their small, sleek card reader for free. Monies go directly into your bank account.

Fees per transaction:
Swiped: 2.75% (only applies if you "on board" yourself, otherwise additional fees may apply)
Keyed: 3.50% plus $0.15

PayPal Here
If you already have a PayPal acc…